CNBC: House committee to consider ‘Secure 2.0’ retirement bill this week. Here’s what’s in it

by | May 4, 2021 | Politics

The bipartisan measure aims to build on changes already implemented by the Secure Act of 2019.

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3 Ways To Survive Devastating Dollar Collapse

The U.S. economy is unstable, as is the future. Learn how to protect your wealth from the dollar collapse and discover viable ways to grow your wealth as well. Introduction The period of the U.S. greenback’s “exorbitant privilege” because the world’s major reserve...

Inflation Hits Highest Level Since 1979 in Philly Fed Survey

Inflationary pressures in hte Philly Fed survey are at levels we haven’t seen since the Carter years. | Economy

House Democrats dismiss skyrocketing inflation at event announcing new economic fairness panel

House Democrats who announced the creation of an economic diversity panel Wednesday downplayed the nation’s skyrocketing inflation, suggesting at one point it was simply too low before the COVID-19 epidemic.

Biden Announces Putin Meeting Was A Success, Hunter Now Has A Job With Russian Pipeline

GENEVA, RUSSIA – President Joe Biden has announced to the world that talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin have been a massive success. ‘We had a real breakthrough, me and ol’ Putin,’ said Biden triumphantly. ‘I stared him down and said, ‘Look pal, here’s the deal: You get whatever you want, but my son WILL…

Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Estimates U.S. Inflation is Around 12%

Appearing Tuesday on CNBC’s Squawk Box, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass estimated that the United States’ inflation rate is roughly 12 percent.

Kevin McCarthy: ‘Inflation Is a Tax on Americans’ Caused by Democrats

Kevin McCarthy issued a strong statement saying “Democrats’ reckless policies” caused inflation rates that have started to destroy the U.S.

President Biden’s most secretive tax is hiding in plain sight: Inflation

In the first six months of the Biden presidency, rising inflation has squeezed businesses and families still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. That could spell trouble for Democrats.

Nolte: Failed Bidenomics Threatens to Return Us to Jimmy Carter’s 1970s

Bidenomics is failing, especially for the working class and poor, who are bearing the worst of near-record inflation rates.

Deutsche Bank issues dire economic warning for America

If the U.S. economy descends into an inflation spiral like that experienced after World War II, we could be on the brink of excruciating economic pain.

Kudlow: Biden’s plan will lead to much more inflation

Larry Kudlow reacts to inflation fears in the United States and how President Biden’s plan could affect it, Thursday on “Kudlow.”

Fed balance sheet tops $8 trillion for first time

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet topped $8 trillion for the first time, weekly data published on Thursday by the U.S. central bank on its holdings showed.

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