Money managers are getting nervous about gold

by | Aug 30, 2020 | Gold, Precious Metals

Gold bulls everywhere, but pros are getting worried it’s now overvalued

Gold (GC=F) has been one of the better performing assets this year, going above $2,000/oz this week again after falling from its all-time highs last week.

“Suddenly, everyone wants to talk about gold,“ billionaire investor Jeffrey Gundlach said in a recent webcast.

All the forces gold bulls warn of seem to be pointing in the right direction: ultra easy monetary policy, massive federal spending, a weak dollar, and concerns that all this means inflation down the road.

Credit Suisse analysts recently raised their price target on gold to $2,500/oz, calling the whole narrative a “perfect storm” for the precious metal.

“We see plenty of upside on the gold price and view the correction as a buying opportunity,” Credit Suisse’s Andrew Garthwaite wrote on Friday. “We think policy stays loose (especially fiscal) until unemployment falls to much lower levels in the US, which this time around generates some inflation…”

Furthermore, they see demand rebounding from both consumers and institutions.

“Nearly half of gold demand is jewelry and this fell 46% in 1H but is likely to recover as GDP recovers,” Garthwaite added. “Central banks account for 15% of gold demand and their purchases fell by nearly 40% in 1H. We think central bank buying will increase sharply.”

One of the more notable moments in gold’s current bullish run is Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-ABRK-Btaking a stake in gold miner Barrick Gold (GOLD). The move surprised many as Chairman Warren Buffett and Vice Chairman Charlie Munger have publicly trashed gold for years.

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