Depository Storage versus Home Delivery

Depository Storage versus Home Delivery

Owning physical precious metals within a Self-Directed IRA is a great strategy in protecting and possibly even expanding your retirement assets. What’s more, there are two unique sorts of Self-Directed IRAs that have different options for holding your precious metals: Depository or Home Delivery.

Depository storage of your precious metals backed by the biggest name in insurance

Secure and safe storage is one of the reasons your gold or other precious metal investment is such a valuable asset. All of our gold and precious metals products are upheld and insured by Lloyd’s of London. Convert your retirement to genuine physical gold and realize that you are no longer susceptible to digital assault, hacking, misrepresentation, or any international or strategy change. Oakhurst Metals feels our customers ought to have the option to hold their investments. Precious metals are the answer.

Never second guess the safety of your investments

State of the Art Security, 100% Insured by Lloyd’s of London. Through a brisk, straightforward cycle, your current retirement account is changed over to a Self-Directed IRA that can lawfully hold precious metals. An IRS-certified custodian will direct your IRA — for example control buys and liquidations — however you hold 100% control of the interests in your account. Your IRA purchased metals are put away in a top-level secure vault with the highest standard security, completely and fully insured.

You can visit your metals. Really!

Clear documentation is kept to confirm responsibility for the precious metals in your account, and you can visit the vault storing your metals whenever you so choose.

Home Delivery

Oakhurst Metals is all about choices. When you open a Gold IRA, that’s what you’ll get – choices. Choose what type of precious metals, be it gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Choose how much of your IRA or 401(k) you’d like to rollover. And choose where your gold is sent, as well as where it’s stored. One of those choices is home delivery. That’s right, your precious metals belonging to your Gold IRA can be delivered to your home! There are some rules, however.

Choose where to store your precious metals arriving via home delivery

A Gold IRA puts you in control of your retirement. When you open a Gold IRA with Oakhurst Metals, you can choose to have your IRA eligible precious metals physically shipped to your home, and then you decide what sort of secure location near your home you’d like to store your investment; viable options include a safety deposit box at your local bank, a local depository, or the equivalent. Gold is a rare kind of investment. Unlike stocks, you can actually hold it in your hands. What other investment makes that possible? What other investment has stood the test of time, surpassing every currency known to mankind? The answer? None, nothing, no other investment even comes close to the unique qualities of gold and other precious metals. Below, we’ve outlined the steps involved in establishing a Gold IRA and express just how simple it is for you to take the reigns of your retirement.

The home delivery process specified within 3 easy steps

  1. Open a Self-Directed IRA (aka Gold IRA, Precious Metals IRA): The first step here is the same one you’d take when storing metals in a depository. You’ll open your new Self-Directed IRA that’s legally designated as capable of purchasing, owning, and holding precious metals and other alternative assets. After it’s been established, you can roll over assets from your existing retirement vehicles without any tax penalties or fees.
  2. Form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC): In order to lawfully store precious metals outside of a depository, you’re required to establish an LLC. This LLC will function as the legal owner of the metals, with the choice to store the metals in any IRS sanctioned facility. The most common choice is a safety deposit box at your local bank. Note: It is illegal for your Self-Directed IRA to own or store precious metals by itself.
  3. Buy your precious metals: Decide which of the IRA eligible precious metals you’d like to purchase, and place the order. Then accept the delivery of your gold, silver, or other precious metals at your home and store them in a legally designated facility at your discretion.

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