Silver demand surging to its highest since 2015 – Silver Institute

by | May 4, 2021 | Politics

Global silver demand will rise this year to its highest since 2015 as jewellery and industrial offtake rebounds after the coronavirus pandemic, helping to lift prices, the Silver Institute said in a report on Thursday.

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Consider a Gold IRA

One strategy for protecting your wealth is diversifying your portfolio with a Gold IRA. Oakhurst Metals specializes in Gold IRAs and can help you convert your traditional or Roth IRA or 401(k) into a Self-Directed IRA, capable of investing in IRA eligible precious metals. To get started, give us a call at (888) 260-4749 or fill out your information here.

3 Ways To Survive Devastating Dollar Collapse

The U.S. economy is unstable, as is the future. Learn how to protect your wealth from the dollar collapse and discover viable ways to grow your wealth as well. Introduction The period of the U.S. greenback’s “exorbitant privilege” because the world’s major reserve...

Fed Forecasts Higher Unemployment, Worse Inflation, Lower Growth

Fed officials now expect inflation to run at 4.2 percent this year, up from 3.4 percent at the June meeting. | Economy

Biden said he wouldn’t raise your taxes. Washington is coming for your wallet anyway

President Joe Biden repeatedly promised not to raise taxes on anyone earning under $400,000 per year. Now, Biden, Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are attempting to pass the costliest bill in history, and in doing so, they will violate Biden’s promise and hit…

Fed Officials See ‘Transitory’ Inflation Lasting Quite a While

The Fed has said inflation will soon return close to its 2% target, yet it is clear officials are turning less sanguine—and that explains growing eagerness to start raising rates.

Here’s Why The Bulk Of Afghan Refugees Are Heading To Purple States

The U.S. ended its combat mission in Afghanistan last month and the government is now preparing to relocate thousands of Afghan refugees in swing states.

‘Infrastructure’ Bill Would Break Biden’s Pledge to Not Raise Taxes

Joe Biden said Americans making under $400,000 would not see a tax increase despite the ‘infrastructure’ bill raising tax brackets over time.

Amnesty Bill to Spike Americans’ Rents, Housing Costs

The Democrats’ amnesty bill invites three million chain-migration arrivals into the U.S., likely imposing higher rents on Americans.

Biden’s Corporate Tax Hike Higher than Communist China’s

Democrats are looking for ways to pay for their $3.5 trillion spending plan, including raising corporate taxes.

How Democrats Plan to Hike Taxes to Pay for $3.5 Trillion in Spending

Democrats would hike several taxes—many by large amounts—and they still wouldn’t fully cover the cost of their $3.5 trillion spending plan.

Consumer Prices Up 5.3 Percent as Food, Fuel, and Shelter Surge Higher

Consumer prices rose again in August, albeit at a slower pace than earlier in the summer. The Consumer Price Index rose 5.3 percent compared with a year | Economy

Opinion | Here Comes the Biden Tax Bill

Pelosi marches House Democrats to the political gallows.

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